Other’s opinion on GMOs?


When talking about the use of GMOs, a chain of fast food restaurant, Chipotle, has a strong opinion on this topic. “The first national restaurant company to use only non-GMO ingredients” is how Chipotle pinpoints itself in the market, a restaurant that  runs against the use of GMOs. Today, I want to introduce to you that how this statement affected people’s ideas on GMOs, why is this statement bad but smart, and how does this statement fools people.

Chipotle, the restaurant that spread everywhere in the USA, UK, Canada, France and Germany, has key rule in the formation of social opinion and announced that non-GMO statement about one year ago from now, that happened to be a time when people fought eagerly on the safety issues of consuming GMOs. Chipotle caught all GMO debaters’ attentions when they made that claim. People who support the use of GMOs are mad since this action of Chipotle could cause a general misleading because the statement it gave implies that GMO ingredients are not so healthy and safe as non-GMO ones, and since people generally do not have clear ideas on the safety of GMO, the statement could really affect people’s opinion on GMOs. Though Chipotle’s statement sounds innocent, it actually is a very smart way to draw potential customers to their restaurants and thus make more sales, and gain more profits.

Let us go deeper into this statement: although Chipotle says that they only use “non-GMO ingredients’’ many studies shows another way around, here is a link that leads you to research on the usage of GMO in chipotle’s product. This research shows us that despite its claim, Chipotle actually uses GMO ingredients for the whole time, which made their statement of anti-GMOs useless and became a pure speculation. Maybe this is not Chipotle’s intention, but their decision of actively avoid GMOs in their product makes them in an awkward position, and their acknowledgement of their food exist GMOs makes all the claims they made more like a way to promote itself on the market. However, one thing for sure is that in the general background of population growth of 21st century, it is reasonable to use GMOs to increase productivity and soften the problem of famine around the world.

If you are interested, and want to read more, here is another blogs *1* *2*that shares similar ideas with me.



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