Update some thoughts on GMOs

After a series of research on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, I wanted to see what the authority’s opinion on this topic. Thus, I looked around the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s official website, and found this  Q&A article regarding Genetically Engineered Plants*,which altered my opinion on GMO quite a lot.  

Genetically Engineered Plants are namely artificially modified crops that are given some traits people want, and are also why people are interested in this topic in the first place — food is something directly related to people’s life: we need foods to survive! That is why people are debating whether it is safe to consume GMOs. I used to be neutral on this topic, but after reading FDA’s article, I decided to take a side and support GMOs.

In this specific article posted by FDA, the author tried to answer some of the mostly asked questions on GMOs or Genetically Engineered (GE) Plants.

Firstly, the FDA gives a general definition of GE crops, just like what I did in my recent post which you can take a look. Then, the FDA answered questions about whether GE regulation and the safety of the crops? These are the two most important and frequently asked questions on the topic of GMOs. The FDA states that those plants are indeed under their regulations and are safe since GE plants also need to meet the same requirements as traditionally raised plants in order to be sold on the market. So basically GE crops passed all the same tests that traditional crops passed, and theoretically, it should be safe for people to consume GE crops just as the non-GE foods. FDA further explains how they evaluated the safety of GE plants, and gives a link** that  includes completed consultations on  different types of crops.

Other than this, the FDA also solves some confusion on whether GE foods could cause allergic reactions or being toxic by stating “The foods we have evaluated through the consultation process have not been more likely to cause an allergic or toxic reaction than foods from traditionally bred plants”. This would calm down many who were against GMO crops for the fear of food poisoning.

In the end, the FDA ensured people one more time with the statement of “genetically engineered plants … have not gone on the market until the FDA’s questions about the safety of such products have been resolved,” which clearly tells people that it is unnecessary to worry about the safety of GE crops, because government had already checked that for you before it went on the market, that is really reassuring, and I find it convincing, this article solved many of questions and unsureness I used to have, and now I am feeling more confident when eating GE crops or GMOs in general.

Here is another link*** on this topic that some of you might want to read. It is also an article published by FDA, and is on the topic of GE animals, which is very much similar to GE crops, you can read that if interested.

Thank you for your interests!


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