GMOs, which side would you take?

Are GMOs safe, and should GMOs be allowed to be put on market?

GMOs, which stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, are any organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques People have started to debate on the application of GM since 2000, and 16 years later, it is still a topic that people have different understandings on. Today, I want to show you how people’s idea on GMOs differs from that of scientists.

Food is what support us to live and breed it has a major impact on people’s health and daily performance. A nicely cooked breakfast can give you a fresh mind and energy to work in the day. As people’s living standard rise, comes the awareness on what we are putting into our mouths, and more and more articles on the harmfulness of GMOs have caught people’s attention.Actually GMO product had been on market for quite a long period of time.The first licensed commercially grown genetically modified food was a GM tomato called Flavr Savr. It had been on the market from 1994 until 1997, when the company could not afford the huge cost of producing this kind of long shelf life tomato, and got acquired by Monsanto Company, one of the most successful and profitable company on biotechnology.

Actually, the history of GM has been much longer than this. Ancient people had used crucial and low efficient GM for thousands of years, which is called artificial selection. People would select the traits of animals or crops they want to keep and keep breeding them in order to expand the obviousness of that trait. one example is the aquarium golden fish.Their ancestors were firstly crucian, plain gray and black looking big fish, but after hundreds of years selective breeding, people got all these medium to small colorful fish. GMOs, on the other hand, can achieve the goal of improvement in a way much more faster than traditional artificial selection. Within months and years, people can get the trait of two crops into one with the help of knowledge on mutation, insertion, or deletion of genes. It is an advanced and highly efficient way to modify the plants and animals to the way people want. With the help of GM, people can create crops such as corns and cottons with higher resistance to pests and higher production, or fish and chicken that can grow faster in the same time duration, so that can provide more food to people, and soften the food problem raised from the increase of population on Earth. From the perspective of scientists, especially biologist, GMOs are the same as traditionally raised organisms, they have same properties, only GMOs have more advantageous characteristics*.

So, with all these benefits GM crops can provide, why are there still queries on the consumption of GMOs? After researching the activist on GMOs, it is easy to find their thesis is that “GMOs can be harmful to human’s’ health, the consummation of GMOs can cause various of types of tumors and cancers, or can affect people’s reproductive ability.” People held against GMOs draw their conclusion from the experiments on experimental animals, such as rats, they post the rats with tumors** in their bodies to claim that GMOs can actually affect people’s health, and some report of examine left over GMO crops DNAs in blood become their weapon to the GMO supporter that GMOs are bad to people, those crops can “penetrate” humans, and left in blood***. Although the supporter of GMOs have science on their side, more experiments are still  needed, it is a really expectable argument to have since the history of GM is still young, and the fear of ignorance on long term effects makes people hard to accept GMOs.

I believe, with more experiments and observations are made on consumption of GMOs are made, people finally with together their thoughts on whether to accept it or reject it.


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